No Punk Rock Without Rock

PunkRockSince the dawn of music, man has pushed to evolve everything; to transmute that which is simple and good into that which is epic and fantastic. Music is no exception to that rule. Between 1969 and 1976, punk rock emerged into the music scene, mostly from the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.

The sound was new, but not what anyone in the business would call fresh. Jarring and up-beat, punk rock was the music of a generation that was mad at their dads. It came at an age when the world was a little volatile anyway, edging in to the cold war in the 80’s. Punk rock started more than a genre; it begat a movement and sub culture that persists today as life-style.

The studded jackets, platform Doc Martens, and leopard print belts are a lasting product of the movement, fashionably for better or for worse. The biggest difference in the punk versus rock argument really comes down to what instrument you play. If you are a punk drummer, you will argue that there is twice as much kick drum in your music. If you thump a fat bass, then you would probably describe your bass line as less stable, but groovier than the rhythm line a bass provides to basic rock music.

If you are the singer in a punk band, your voice is probably sore and you are probably swimming in women. If you play something ridiculous like a trombone, maybe try jazz, but you can probably squeeze that in somewhere in a punk band. Such is the punk life. What is important to remember about punk rock is that it is a byproduct of the rock and roll movement. There wouldn’t be The Ramones without Elvis, there wouldn’t be The Clash without Johnny Cash.

The heavy beat carried over from rock and roll, but the melodic harmonies were left in the 50s and 60s, replaced by the raging heart of punk’s finest lyrics and streams of perfect expression from imperfect voices. It’s not like rock with its twelve bar structure’ it can go anywhere. The beauty of punk is that there are no rules.

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